Myth busting – “My back has gone out” and “I’m misaligned”.

I often hear theses terms and I completely understand why patients say this however, it conjures up the wrong image of what is happening. If patients perceive therapists as putting “things back in place”, this may lead to disappointment as often things aren’t a quick fix. In some circumstances, a quick click in the correct Read more about Myth busting – “My back has gone out” and “I’m misaligned”.[…]

Minor sports injuries

How sports people can benefit from Osteopathy A sport’s injury is one that arises during exercise, or a sporting activity, and usually involves damage to muscles, tendons and ligaments. Whether an enthusiastic amateur, or elite professional, sporting injuries are likely to arise at some point.  Injuries can come about through repetitive over use, poor warm Read more about Minor sports injuries[…]

What is Osteopathy?

More and more research is looking into how millions of people benefit from osteopathic treatment to provide evidence as well as anecdotal clinical experiences. The most recent advisory from the National Institute for Clinical Excellence informed medical practitioners that manipulation, exercise and massage can improve symptoms of low back pain. Evidence and new information come Read more about What is Osteopathy?[…]