Osteopathy for the rider

Osteopathy for the horse rider

As I am a keen horse rider and riding instructor and I have a particular interest in treating horse riders. Riding is a partnership between horse and human. Often the emphasis is on the horse’s way of going however, it is just as important to address balance and straightness issues in the rider. Riders commonly suffer with back pain and are often subject to trauma either through falling off or injuries sustained on the ground through being around horses. As well as treating these injuries, an osteopath can help improve the performance of a rider.

This is done by increasing joint mobility and reducing soft tissue adhesions and restrictions. This can increase depth of seat and softness of the rider’s back thus giving potential to enhance performance. Identifying and treating muscle imbalances, through stretches and strengthening exercises, can improve balance and straightness in the rider. Advice on specific exercises can be given to help the rider stay supple and improve muscle tone, thus reducing risk of injury to soft tissue and strengthening the muscles needed for specific requirements.

I also very much enjoy talking with like minded patients about their horse and their enjoyment of the sport.

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